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Your home is a very personal part of who you are — so when you look for the right painters to give your home a fresh new look, it can be hard to find the right people for the job. If you find yourself in this position, let College Pro Peterborough take the worry away! College Pro was founded over 40 years ago by college students seeking to create a company that helped students finance their education and improve the community at the same time. Between revolutionizing how your home looks and making a college education more attainable for hardworking students, College Pro Peterborough plays a valuable role in your community. If your home needs painting, give us a call — we'd love to add you to our list of satisfied customers!

Dream Big

Painting your home — whether the entire exterior or just certain rooms — can be a very time-consuming task when you try to do it yourself. Here in Peterborough, the extremes in weather can make the job even more difficult. Rather than spend all the time doing the painting yourself, leave the work to our Peterborough student painters and watch your dream home appear before your eyes! Our Peterborough student painters work together in well-trained teams to get the job done in a vastly shorter time span than if you did the work yourself. When you leave the work to trained painters, you have more time to dream big and design an amazing color scheme that will bring out the best in your home.

Complete The Picture With Clean Windows

The same thing goes for your windows: cleaning them yourself is tough work, so why not kick back and relax while we do it for you? When you have College Pro Peterborough taking care of your house painting and window washing, you're guaranteed to be satisfied with the finished product.

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