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The hospitable people of Owen Sound know commerce and community. Living in a wonderland with such a tranquil and scenic environment, there’s good reason to be drawn to a company that is in the business of keeping neighbourhoods as beautiful as the surrounding terrain. That’s exactly what College Pro Own Sound is obvious choice for handling all of your house painting needs. College Pro has been helping folks restore and revive their homes for over four decades while bettering the community through promoting scholarship and providing entrepreneurial education.

Making a Difference One House at a Time

"When you hire College Pro, you’re not only saving money while helping students with tuition costs and expenses. You’re also making a contribution to the future. We carefully select hard-working, promising college students and train them in every aspect of small business operations and house painting. Student painters are educated in management, financial analysis, and marketing. They also receive real world business training that cannot be duplicated in a classroom. When it comes to the actual painting process, they learn surface preparation, power washing, priming and painting, caulking, sanding, scraping, and clean up. We only use premium products to give your home the updated look you desire.

We take the hassle off of your hands so you have more time and energy for what’s really important. College Pro has locations across Canada and the United States that have earned it a distinguished reputation for commitment to excellence, and each independently owned franchise takes pride in giving personalized service that has a positive domino effect on strengthening the community. When you contract our services, you financially empower students while promoting their educations. The vast majority of money going into College Pro franchises is then reinvested into the local community. Give us a call today for a free and detailed assessment of your next house painting project."

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