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Freshly cleaned windows can really change the way you look at the world. By having your windows professionally washed, the spaces within your home become instantly brighter. Clean windows leave you feeling refreshed and better able to enjoy your views. It’s a simple project that can be time consuming without the proper tools. Take a few minutes to discover a company that will provide you with expertly cleaned windows in your home, and allow you to better connect with your community to boot. College Pro Ottawa student window washers is the one-stop-shop for locals looking to have their windows professionally cleaned while connecting with the future entrepreneurs of their community. Keep reading to find out how easy it is to hire College Pro for your next window cleaning project.

The Best and the Brightest: College Pro Ottawa Window Washers

College Pro Ottawa is a company that hires local students with an aptitude for leadership and business ownership. Handpicked from a large number of applicants, individuals with the greatest skills and customer service knowledge are then trained in quality home maintenance practices. What happens next is up to you! When you call College Pro Ottawa, you can rest assured that every person who comes to your home is friendly and professional. Student window washers are encouraged to procure their own clients and form their own teams, making sure that your project will always be top notch. Payment is deferred until your window cleaning is completed in its entirety and you are satisfied with the result.

Choosing to hire local students for your home window cleaning project allows you to better connect with the future of your own community. By allowing student entrepreneurs to hone their customer service and team management skills while providing quality services, you help yourself and your community. Call College Pro Ottawa today for your free estimate today!

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Eric D'Costa

Very good.


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There were other workers at our house last week and the College Pro people were patient and worked around them.


Ottawa, ON
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