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Homeowners in communities like Orillia have been hiring College Pro for over four decades for their house painting needs. We have a trusted name and a renowned training program for all of our Orillia College Pro employees. Bright and eager college students make up our team and we give them all of the necessary training to run their very own painting teams during the summer months. All of our Orillia student painters are technically trained in the proper process of painting the exterior of a home. We use a 5-stage process that includes gathering materials, surface preparation, painting, and clean up. Each student painter is efficient and practiced in the art of house painting. At Orillia College Pro we know it’s important to have a beautiful finished product, but we also want to go above and beyond. That’s why we make sure you are satisfied with the professionalism and timeliness of the job too.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our customers’ satisfaction and don’t accept a final payment until you are happy with the results and the process of working with Orillia College Pro’s student painters. Each paint job must pass an inspection by the team leader, our management, and most importantly, you. We have a customer service center that answers all of your concerns and questions. It’s open year-round and our team is happy to keep you a satisfied customer. We rely on recommendations from one neighbor to the next, so it’s important that you think highly of our services. You can also feel good about supporting a local college student in their academic and professional endeavors. Give us a call today! Our estimates are free and our prices can’t be beat by professional painting companies! It’s time you put a little TLC into your home and your community!

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Amanda Rego-Lynch

They were great to have at my house. I'm a little picky or freaked out by people working on my house, but they were a pleasure; just really nice folks. They seemed to be doing a great job, so I was really happy with the work.


Aloha, OR
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We will be bringing them back as soon as next year! They were just really outstanding. It was an all-women crew, and it was hilarious because my wife had never been complimented on her toe nail polish by a painter before. It was quite comical in a good way; we will definitely be having them back!

Friedrich & Ann

Portland, OR
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