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There’s always more that goes into a major home improvement task like house painting than meets the eye. Not only do you need most of the day for interior house painting and several days for the exterior, but you also need willpower, determination, and a ton of materials. There are proper brushes for siding, different brushes for trim, rags, drop cloths, ladders, and the patience and energy to get through all the prep work, painting, and clean up. To top it all off, you also need to have professional-level know-how for the best, most lasting results. You deserve the best, so hire someone that can provide it. Let the student painters of College Pro Omaha take on your next house painting project.

Making Omaha Even More Outstanding

Omaha is no stranger to hospitality, and contracting our student painters is a choice that you can feel good about. Our teams spend hundreds of hours in classrooms and out in the field learning business, leadership, and house painting skills under real conditions. Our high referral rate proves that customers are satisfied with their work, and our prices can’t be beat. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

College Pro as a company has over forty years of success serving and beautifying communities just like Omaha. Each of our franchises acts as an independent small business fully run by a select group of local students. The money earned by our student painters stays within the community too. Students spend 90% of their money earned locally.

Whether you’re looking to add a chalkboard paint wall to a playroom, brighten up the whole kitchen, or more dramatically update the entire exterior from the body to the trim to the shutters and doors, College Pro Omaha is here for you. Call today to schedule your free house painting estimate!

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Great job! very thorough, took their time to be careful with furnishings and were very diligent about the details like the trim etc- My windows are so clean I thought the door was open! Diane.O


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Efficient. Good job


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