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Does your home need a new paint job? No matter if it’s inside or outside, there is just the right company for you. College Pro Olympia hires hardworking and professional student and entrepreneur painters who will provide you with a fast and efficient paint job you’ll truly enjoy. Known for our positive experiences and community involvement, College Pro is a company that is dedicated to teaching students and entrepreneurs real world business skills while providing you with an expertly painted home. There’s never been a better time to get your home freshly painted, call today for a consultation!

The Right Choice: College Pro Olympia

College Pro Olympia is staffed by trained house painters who are driven and posses a friendly attitude. You can feel comfortable knowing that the painters you meet are a part of your very own Olympia community, and are the future of local business and economy. By choosing student and entrepreneur painters, you are not only aiding them in school fees and expenses, but also creating an experience in which they can learn imperative customer service and networking skills. College Pro encourages house painters to organize their own painting teams and procure jobs in an effort to increase their interaction with community members and homeowners.

With College Pro Olympia, you can truly feel good about your decision to hire house painters. Not only are you guaranteed an expertly painted home at a competitive price, you are also investing in the future of your community. Payment is always deferred until after your project has been completed in its’ entirety, and we know you’ll love the result. All that’s left for you to do, is decide on what colors you’d like your home to be! We can’t wait for you experience College Pro Olympia painters for yourself- and become an integral part of the future of Olympia itself.

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