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There’s no town like Old Town. The sparkling and pristine waters of our island community are just one of the natural splendors that make it such a charming place to live. Keep your home looking as wonderful as your surroundings with professional house painting. College Pro Old Town is ready to take on your next house painting project needs while uplifting the community at large

Enhancing Home, Enhancing Community

While boosting your curb appeal is a great benefit, painting your house isn’t just about having a more attractive abode. It’s also about protecting the entire structure. Not only is old and faded paint unsightly, but with age and harsh Maine winters comes significant wear on the paint’s protective capabilities. A cracked or chipping paint job can lead to problems like rotting wood and pests. Professional paint jobs help spot any existing damage before protecting the home against exposure to water, ice, and other damaging elements.

The right colors can make small interior spaces feel more open and comforting. White-painted floors can update beat up old wooden flooring while keeping rooms bright during darker winter days. If you’re feeling creative, painting ceilings with a bold color can make a space feel more expansive and highlight a home’s interior architecture.

The benefits of house painting don’t stop with a beautiful home. College Pro Old Town provides invaluable training for local students to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. We select only the brightest and coach them on every aspect of running a small business. Leadership, marketing, budgeting, and problem-solving are just a handful of the vital skills emphasized during the College Pro curriculum, giving them a competitive edge in the job market.

As the original student house painting company with over 40 years of business success, we offer professional quality services while helping students cover the cost of their education. And since each local franchise operates as an independently owned small business, we stimulate the local economy while painting the town pretty one house at a time. Call College Pro Old Town today for a free estimate on our house painting services!

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