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Keeping your home in tip top shape is a must for most Old Town residents, and that includes keeping both the interior and exterior of the home freshly painted. That is why every so often you are obligated to drag out the old painting supplies and spend some quality time with a ladder to get the job done. Or, if you don’t want to do the job yourself, you look up some painters online or the phone book and hope for the best. If you want an infinitely better way to keep your home looking great while avoiding having to clip up a ladder yourself, look no further than Old Town College Pro. It’s a painting company you can trust to get the job done while feeling good about the company you’ve hired.

The Right People for the Job

Old Town College Pro is a unique home painting company that hires local students and eager entrepreneurs who are committed to a job well done. Hand picked from a large number of applicants, the individuals who work for College Pro are future young professionals interested in learning more about the ins and outs of small business. By hiring Old Town College Pro, you are giving them an opportunity to exercise the business skills they have been learning. You may even be building a relationship with an entrepreneur in your very own Old Town community.

Old Town College Pro encourages its employees to build their own teams and procure their own projects. You can be assured that your paint job will be well above industry standards and completed by only the most professional and friendly of painters. You can truly feel good about the fact that your payment will no doubt go towards the tuition or school expenses of a student living and working in your community. There’s never been a better time to put away that ladder, and complete your home maintenance project with Maine’s very best—Old Town College Pro.

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