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Living in Oakville means living in a wonderland of beauty. It is no wonder that residents make sure their homes are as breathtaking as the rest of their surroundings. If you’re like most homeowners, however, you probably have a long list of projects growing longer by the day. At College Pro Oakville, we know that your time is valuable. Since you have better things to do than take on a complicated job like house painting, we provide affordable, top-notch residential painting services to our Ontario town.

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During a competitive selection process, we hire only the most driven and committed students. Our new hires are then put through a rigorous curriculum that teaches them everything they need to know about running a successful small business. Our curriculum works with their academic schedules, not against them like many other jobs. Subjects like leadership, troubleshooting, marketing, financial reporting, business strategy, conflict-resolution, and budgeting are covered to give local students the confidence and hands-on experience to run a small business. This hands-on education also gives them a leg up as future entrepreneurs after graduation. Approximately 90% of the money they earned goes directly back into the community as they pay off college tuitions, buy textbooks, try out local cuisine, and more!

We only use the most premium products to guarantee that your home is weatherproofed and protected from our unpredictable Ontario climate. We offer a 2-year warranty and attentive customer service, which is one of the main secrets of our success. Look forward to spending your day hanging out at Lake Ontario or playing golf instead of doing household chores. We’re ready and excited to take painting out of your hands! So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call College Pro Oakville and get ready for a colourful new world.

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Pleasant friendly and did what I asked him to do.


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Yes - There was a little mix up with my order through your system and apparently it was sent to Burlington instead of Oakville which caused a timing conflict, no fault of the Oakville team. I've kept the rating on the higher end because of how Peyton managed the situation, she was very accommodating and took ownership of apologizing on behalf of the situation and worked to fix it immediately.


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