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If you live in the Vancouver area, you know how much rain we receive. Without the rain, our city wouldn't be so green and beautiful! And if you're considering painting your home for the first time, you may not know that wood, concrete, and most other materials that make up your home's exterior are much more difficult to paint in rainy climates like ours. Rather than put in hours and hours of work only to end with a paint job that won't stand up to the rigors of our Pacific Northwest climate, let the experts at College Pro North Vancouver get the job done right.

North Vancouver Student Painters That Don't Sacrifice Quality

If you haven't guessed from our name, College Pro North Vancouver hires local university students who want to earn extra money to help finance their college education. Besides being young, hardworking, and great at painting, our North Vancouver student painters learn valuable business lessons through our leadership and management training that will give them a leg up in the competitive business world. Between acquiring real world business experience and earning money to help finance their studies, our North Vancouver student painters really benefit from their job in ways that most others don't. While the prices are much lower when partnering with us, the quality of the work we perform is never sacrificed.

See Clearly With Our Window Washing Services

As if getting your house painted a beautiful new shade for an affordable price wasn't good enough, we even offer amazing window washing services! Our North Vancouver student window cleaners are just as talented and hardworking as our house painters, and engage in the same leadership and management training that has made College Pro North Vancouver famous.

Leave It To College Pro North Vancouver

For affordable house painting and window washing services that promote higher education and better the lives of your local students, look no further than College Pro North Vancouver. Call today to schedule a free estimate!

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