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It's easy to spot a beautiful home from a lineup of average-looking homes. Here at College Pro North Bay, we offer house painting and window washing services that can turn any home into the most beautiful home on the street! Whether your home just needs a touch-up or a complete facelift, we give each customer our undivided attention and work tirelessly to give you the home you've always wanted. Paint makes a huge difference in how a home looks — so make sure yours looks great with superior painting services from College Pro North Bay.

Trusted For Over 40 Years

It's rare for a company in our industry to survive decades of change, innovation, and competition — but we've been growing steadily for over 40 years since our humble beginnings! Founded by college students, College Pro selectively hires hardworking and intelligent college students to paint homes and lead teams of painters. Through this process, our North Bay student painters and window cleaners get hands on experience in our business process, getting to make decisions and execute plans that few other jobs at this level would allow them to. We call it a "Real World MBA", and nothing gives us more pride than seeing our student painters go forth into the world after college and use the skills they've acquired with us.

Creating Dream Homes, One Paint Job At A Time

Paint plays such a large role in how a home looks — and we love seeing the smiles on our customers' faces when they see the finished product for the first time. Our North Bay student painters are well-versed in the best techniques for painting every aspect of your home, from bedroom walls to eaves to everything in between.

Complete The Picture With Clean Windows

Windows are more difficult to clean properly than many people think — especially when they're on the second floor (or higher). College Pro North Bay now offers window washing services that allow you to kick back and relax while you're windows are cleaned spotlessly for you. Clean windows allow more natural light to flow into your home, making for a brighter and cheerier home.

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Our family has had great service from all the young people that have came to clean our windows.We have been getting our windows cleaned for many years and look forward to many more.


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