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Residents of Normal know the importance of being involved in their community. That is why when it comes time to paint their homes or have their windows cleaned- there’s only one company to call. College Pro Normal employs only the best house painters and window washers. Professionally trained, College Pro painters and washers are truly a part of the community. Hiring these students and entrepreneurs is the perfect way to give back by investing in a company that is dedicated to helping the local community. With over 40 years of experience in training, team management and quality results: College Pro Normal has all you need for a professional, hassle-free home improvement project.

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Keeping your home looking its’ best is important in more ways than one. Well maintained properties can increase your curb appeal, as well as allow you to take pride in the house you see each and every day. Another great reason to stay on top of your home’s facade, windows and interiors is to eliminate inevitable wear and tear. A new coat of paint on your exterior can improve your weatherproofing, and ensure there are no problem areas lurking beneath a fading paint job. Yet another reason to hire a company to tackle your home’s maintenance is to give back your community. College Pro painters are local students and entrepreneurs whose employment allows them to pay tuition and other school expenses and gain real world business experience. Working for College Pro also stresses the importance of community involvement, taking ownership of neighborhood communities and promoting local businesses. There’s never been a better time to take care of your home, call today to schedule a consultation. College Pro Normal will provide nothing but a quality job and a rewarding experience. Payment is deferred until after the job is completely finished. Take care of your home and your community with College Pro Normal.

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