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Residents of Newton know the importance of community and that by hiring local painters, they are helping them to succeed with real world experience for the future. At Newton College Pro we train local college students and local entrepreneurs to become efficient home painters. We give them management and leadership training opportunities that allow them to be successful during real-world business experiences. We take pride in our service and believe that by staying relevant and meaningful to the lives of our employees and community members, we create lasting professional bonds. That’s why we’ve been able to stay locally and nationally backed for over forty years! Now that’s quality and commitment you can count on!

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Newton College Pro has been working with local house painters and homeowners in the Newton community for over four decades! That is because we respect our employees and understand that they are not just home painters but young entrepreneurs that are striving to gain professional experience that will help them to excel in their studies and their own businesses. Our house painters are some of the brightest of Newton. We believe that by investing in our employees we are investing in our community. As homeowners in Newton, you have an opportunity to invest back into the community by hiring local house painters from Newton College Pro. We guarantee that you will be so satisfied, you’ll want to tell all of your neighbors about the quality service you got with Newton house painters!

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