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If you're searching for great house painters in Naperville, look no further. College Pro Naperville pairs talented and hardworking house painters with homeowners looking for high quality painting services. Whether you need a quick touchup in a bedroom or a complete exterior paint job, give us a call. You might be surprised by how affordable our rates.

Everybody Wins with College Pro

College Pro was founded by a group of students looking to earn money to pay their way through college. Over 40 years later, College Pro has locally-owned franchises across the United States and Canada, giving students everywhere great job opportunities that help them develop their business acumen and get a leg up in the competitive job market after college. In return for using their services, you get your house painted for a whole lot less money than other painters charge. It's a win-win situation for everyone!

Protect Your Home Against The Elements

People often overlook that painting their home can help protect it from weather. Naperville, like all of Chicagoland, consistently deals with unpredictable weather. Seasonal extremes jump between hot, humid summers and frigid, snowy winters. Protecting the durability of your home is crucial. A weather-resistant paint job adds an extra layer of protection between your home and the elements. Besides protecting the wood and other materials that keep your house standing, properly sealed paint helps insulate your home in the winter and prevent heat from slipping in during the summer.

We Can't Wait to Get Started

The house painters of College Pro Naperville pride themselves on their ability to exceed expectations, and we can't wait to do that for you! Between helping sponsor higher education in your community, saving money, and knowing that we guarantee your complete satisfaction with our work, we think choosing College Pro for your painting project is the smart choice. Give us a call today to schedule a free estimate from our Naperville house painters.

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Thorough and timely even when down a crew member.


Ajax, ON
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Would like to see a more thorough job of wiping down window sills on the inside of the house. But overall happy with the results! Thanks!


Calgary, AB
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