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With beautiful oceanfront views and spectacular landscapes, Nanaimo is one of the most breathtaking places on earth. If you want to keep your home looking as stunning and treasured as your surroundings, then it’s important to keep up your curb appeal. For the biggest bang for your buck, invest in an often-overlooked home improvement task— window cleaning. At College Pro Nanaimo, our student window cleaners have all the tools and know-how to give you the spotless, streak-free shine that will have your neighbors taking notice.

Lighting the Way

Even a thin layer of pollen, dust, and hard water stains can dull the look of your house and block the sun from shining through. Trying to tackle the job on your own is not only daunting, but can also lead to streaks and stains left behind. Professional window cleaning restores the surface of your windows to bring more natural light into your home—helping you save on energy bills by brightening the rooms and even adding warmth.

Speaking of saving money, College Pro Nanaimo offers can’t-be-beat prices. Initially created by college students to help pay for the ever rising costs of higher education, College Pro also causes a positive ripple effect that uplifts the community. Students receive invaluable training in every aspect of running a small business that helps to secure their futures as tomorrow’s most promising leaders. Alumni frequently boast that they gained more hands-on knowledge working for the College Pro team than they did in four years of school. Money earned on the job also gets reinvested in local businesses as students pay for schoolbooks, tuition, bicycles, meals, activities, and more.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re ready for a sparkling and inviting home, call College Pro Nanaimo today for your free window cleaning estimate. It’s time to shine.

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