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Any homeowner knows that house painting is no small task. Getting an exterior paint job may be among the most difficult tasks in home maintenance. You’ve got to be sure to get the right workers to help you complete the job safely. A brand-less house painting company is a money vacuum carrying funds out of the community while small, newer house painting companies may be unreliable or have unsafe practices. College Pro Morton Grove is the company you want when it’s time for painting your own beautiful home. We’re backed by a national brand with a hard-earned reputation of delivering excellent service. Our student painters live locally so you can rest easy knowing that your money is working towards building the local economy of Morton Grove.

College Pro is Here for Your Morton Grove House Painting Needs

College Pro delivers top-of-the-line Morton Grove house painting services while giving our young entrepreneurs the opportunities they need to learn valuable business and management skills on the job. Our student painters are learning through hard work how to deliver on what they promise because customer satisfaction is one of their top priorities. Investing in College Pro Morton Grove house painting services is an investment in three things: the lasting beauty and value of your own home, the education of future entrepreneurs, and improving your own community. At College Pro, we know that a brand must be constantly evolving and staying open to new possibilities.

We’re always seeking ways to improve our customer service and the quality of the house painting services we deliver. We take pride in what we do and we’re so dedicated to the community that 90% of the earned money will stay locally. We know that great brands are integral parts of their communities. We’ve been offering quality services at competitive prices for over forty years. Give us a call today for your free Morton Grove house painting estimate.

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Very prompt and quick on the job


Stittsville, ON
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Did a great job. Next year will likely use for inside and outside windows. Glad to have the eavestroughs cleaned out. Overall cost very close to estimate.


Calgary, AB
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