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When you decide to paint your home, there are many things to consider. Color, of course, overall look and feel, type of paint and, who to hire. House painting can often be a time consuming and complicated chore, that is why College Pro provides happy and professional painters who are there to make your life a little easier while offering you a return on your investment in more ways that one. College Pro Missoula is a company that employs serious student and entrepreneurial professionals interested in honing their leadership and management skills. By choosing College Pro Missoula, your payment will go towards things like tuition and school expenses, real world business experience, and possibly even the funds for a painter’s own small business. For the homeowner, the benefit is clear, a professionally painted home coupled with the rewarding experience of giving back to your own community.

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College Pro Missoula is dedicated to making sure your house painting experience is a great one. House painters are always friendly and professional, and you are left with high quality paint job every time. Payment is deferred until after your painting project has been completed in its entirety. You’ll truly enjoy the process of hiring local, student painters and entrepreneurs and being a part of vital work experience that will carry them even further into leadership and small business roles. With competitive prices, excellent service and a chance to make a difference by supporting local professionals, you truly can’t go wrong with College Pro Missoula. With over 40 years of experience, College Pro is dedicated to recognizing drive and talent among hardworking individuals and making sure they have a productive way to gain real world experience. You will greatly enjoy the process almost as much as your freshly painted home! Call today for a consultation and get started on becoming another satisfied College Pro Missoula customer.

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