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Can you believe the season is already changing and that to-do list you made hasn't made much progress? Now that the leaves are falling and the beautiful colors of autumn fade, is the exterior paint of your home looking especially drab? A fresh coat of paint could be the answer. Painting a home, however, is a huge undertaking! Not only does it take a significant amount of time, there can also be significant danger. Avoid teetering on ladders and carrying heavy paint cans at great heights by hiring the house painting professionals of College Pro. Instead of putting off this home improvement project any longer, call Mississauga College Pro today!

We provide your community with an affordable home painting service that doesn't sacrifice quality or professionalism. Mississauga College Pro hires local college students to run small painting teams in your community. We select only the best and brightest from the thousands of applicants that come to us every year. Our employees are looking for a valuable experience that will help them gain entrepreneurial and leadership skills while helping them finance their college educations.

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For over four decades, Mississauga College Pro has been helping communities like Mississauga while training young entrepreneurs to be contributing members of society. We offer all of our Mississauga student painters an intensive training program that teaches them the necessary painting skills, as well as managerial skills in order to lead their own small painting teams. Our student painters effectively run their own small business during the summer months and are able to find full-time employment that accommodates their academic schedules. Our Mississauga student painters are responsible for building their clientele, marketing their services, attending to all customer relations, and managing all members of their team. They are gaining real-world business experience that can't be replicated in the top university classrooms of North America.

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