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Minneapolis folks take a lot of pride in their city. Not only do they have the beauty of nature and Lake Superior right at their doorstep, but they also have the urban cultural center and rich local history. Because of this deep pride for their city, residents of Minneapolis also take pride in their communities and homes. By calling Minneapolis College Pro today for all of your home painting needs, you will be helping young adults from your community succeed in financing their education and jumpstarting their careers. Invest in your community and improve the value of your home and the quality of your life.

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At Minneapolis College Pro we genuinely feel that we are helping the Minneapolis community by encouraging homeowners to improve their homes and ultimately increase the value of it. We want to encourage homeowners to use our services to help them save money and provide young adults with valuable experiences. We are a local company that is nationally backed. For over forty years we have been employing Minneapolis student and entrepreneural painters to provide a quality service for an amazing price. We even give free estimates, so feel free to call us and shop around. Our prices are hard to beat and our reputation is one that is respected and admired. By providing our house painters with helpful training opportunities we are making sure they have the management and leadership skills that will make them enthusiastic students today and successful entrepreneurs tomorrow. Minneapolis College Pro believes in the future of our community and wants everyone to benefit locally. We take the best and the brightest of Minneapolis and turn them into successful contributors to society.

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