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Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin and takes pride in its rich history, diverse population, and beloved Lake Michigan. Milwaukee is also one of the highest student populations in North America! Thousands of college students are striving to learn new things and gain professional experience all over Milwaukee. This is no easy task with rising college tuition and a lack of professional opportunities that will work with their busy school schedules. At Milwaukee College Pro we provide employment opportunities for these young bright minds and to local entrepreneurs, all while improving the look and feel of Milwaukee neighborhoods.

How College Pro Works With The Community

Milwaukee College Pro provides its house painters with exceptional training and real-world business experience. We teach them about the painting process, as well as leadership and management skills. Our employees learn about marketing, sales, customer service, finance, entrepreneurship, and local economics. While they learn technical skills, they also learn important leadership skills that will carry into whatever professional field they decide. We offer them a College Pro business coach that will communicate with them weekly so that they are able to discuss any successful or challenging circumstances they have come across during their time at Milwaukee College Pro. These business coaches have performed the same job as our house painters in the past and can provide valuable information and guidance that is oftentimes not provided in the college classroom environment and available in real-world business.

Our Reputation

Milwaukee College Pro has over 40 years of experience working with local professionals and homeowners. We have received feedback from our customers and employees over time and have improved our training programs more and more each year. Our house painters move on to become talented businessmen and women that are enthusiastic contributors to the Milwaukee economy and community. Be a part of something spectacular and give Milwaukee College Pro a call today!

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