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Oregon is an area known for its beautiful scenery and outdoors. Make sure that your home is well kept and complementary to its gorgeous surroundings by staying on top of your home’s interior and exterior paint job. Not sure who to call? Try College Pro Medford house painters: a company that provides you with professional quality and an opportunity to invest in your very own community. By hiring student painters and local entreprenuers, you are contributing directly to their success in school and forging a relationship between future, local entrepreneurs and small business owners. Provide your home with a paint job you can feel good about with College Pro Medford.

Quality Where It Counts

"When you choose College Pro, you are choosing a company that has been committed to better integrating students and entrepreneurs with communities for over 40 years. Since the beginning, College Pro has hand picked hard working students and entrepreneurs who show interest in learning more about leadership and management. With careful training, these painters are encouraged to build their own teams and procure their own home painting projects. Life skills are picked up along with these endeavors our painters can carry with them into their professional lives.

One of the best things about College Pro Medford house painters is that quality is never sacrificed; you are guaranteed a quality paint job with a friendly attitude every time. Payment is always deferred until your project is completed in its entirety and consultations are provided to ensure that the scope of your project is always met. There’s never been a better time to get started on your home painting project, increase your curb appeal and feel good about the experience you are providing for your painters. It’s a rewarding process that College Pro is proud to facilitate. Call today to get started on your project!"

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