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Painting your home or washing your windows can seem like the worst of your home maintenance chores. Time consuming and often costly, it’s usually best to find a company that specializes in these services to save yourself the headache. For those who want an expertly painted home and sparking windows combined with the opportunity to strengthen ties within their very own Ontario community, there is College Pro Markham. College Pro Markham is a company that hires local student painters and window washers who are learning valuable lessons about small business and community involvement. They are also highly trained to provide you with a perfectly painted home or window cleaning. This time, make your home maintenance project a rewarding experience instead of an unfavorable chore when you choose College Pro Markham.

The Perfect Choice for Markham Residents

College Pro handpicks only the best from an enormous number of student applicants. Student painters and window washers are chosen for their aptitude for leadership and commitment to customer service. When you hire a College Pro Markham team, you are helping local students practice their customer relation skills and showing them the importance of a job well done. College Pro encourages students to build their own teams and procure their own projects- ensuring that every client is exceptionally valued. Not to mention, your payment is a direct contribution to their school expenses and tuition. Simply by having your home painted or windows washed, you are creating an important bond between yourself and the future leaders of the Markham community. Invest in your home while also investing in the small businesses owners and entrepreneurs of your very own city. There’s never been a better time to have your windows professionally cleaned, or your interior or exterior walls expertly painted. Call College Pro Markham today to get started on your home improvement project as soon as you please.

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Jeannelle Lee

Prentice was very good at overseeing the whole job and efficient at returning items back in place. I was surprised at the speed from start to finish.


Markham, ON
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Walter and his team were very friendly & professional


Markham, ON
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