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They say the most enjoyable spring is the one that is best earned. Here in Manitowoc, we certainly earned ours this year. Show your appreciation for the season with a freshly-painted home and crystal-clear windows. Sure, that may not describe your house at the moment, but College Pro Manitowoc can help. Our Manitowoc house painters and window washers are the best in the county. Each student is trained to ensure your complete satisfaction. Call College Pro today for a free estimate and get moving on preparing your home for the next sunny day.

Serving our Community for 40 years

We’ve been providing high quality service at the best rates in town for the past forty years. At College Pro Manitowoc we’re committed to ensuring your house and windows sparkle like new. We guarantee quality and satisfaction because our student house painters and window washers aren’t finished with a job until you say so. We recruit our team from the top of the dean’s list and seek those interested in starting their own businesses. Our house painters leave nothing but clean lines and glistening eaves while also learning how to balance the ledger. Our window washers know that nothing less than "squeaky clean" is good enough for our customers. These students also learn the art of managing an effective team. But before either of these qualities go to work, we provide our customers with a free home inspection to see whether aging or the elements have damaged your house in recent years. It’s this holistic approach to business that has kept College Pro Manitowoc serving our community and customers for forty years. Our devotion to community is so strong that we invest 90% of revenue from the student projects back into local businesses.

Call College Pro today for a free estimate and let’s get you one step closer to welcoming the spring sunshine with a beautiful new paint job and crystalline windows. We know you’ll be proud of the work from our Manitowoc house painters just as you can be proud of supporting our local economy.

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It was fine. I look forward to having the outside cleaned once painting is completed.


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