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Manchester recently implemented a neighborhood initiatives program to make sure that the neighborhoods of this spectacular city are vibrant and livable areas. A huge push for this came from the citizens’ desire to restore a sense of neighborhood community in Manchester. Folks of this city really care about the look and feel of Manchester! As a homeowner, you can start showing that you care by giving Manchester College Pro a call today!

What We Do at Manchester College Pro

Manchester College Pro provides quality painting services at an affordable price! We can keep our prices lower than our competitors because we are training talented and bright college students and entrepreneurs to be our Manchester house painters! We train them in all the technical skills required to do a fantastic paint job. We use the same methods, techniques, and premium products that other professional painting companies use! But we do so much more than just provide these college students and entrepreneurs with a summer income. We also give them training on how to be their own boss. Our program includes management and leadership skills, financials, local economics, marketing, and customer service. Our Manchester house painters run their painting teams like a small business. We even provide our Concord house painters with College Pro business coaches that will regularly check-in with our employees and give them guidance and advice.

Helping the Community

When you hire Manchester College Pro to paint the exterior of your home, you are supporting your local economy. You will be supporting higher education and entrepreneurship because the skills that our Manchester house painters learn on the job will be skills that complement their academic studies and future endeavors! You will also be beautifying your neighborhood. So take part in the neighborhood initiatives program and give Manchester College Pro a call today!

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Very professional and polite team. My windows were cleaned perfectly!

Dirk & Lorna

London, ON
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You worked really hard. My house design presents challenges, that's for sure.. There was half the sliding door on the garden level missed, but it is one I can reach fairly easily.


Ottawa, ON
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