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Looking for painters in the Madison area to paint your home for you? Whether you need the entire exterior of your home painted with a fresh coat or simply need a little touching up done in a bedroom, our teams of house painters can get the job done well and save you money at the same time. With costs rising all around, why pay more when you can help local entrepreneurs while getting your house painted for an affordable rate? College Pro Madison is the way to go.

A Community Oriented Painting Company

College Pro is an internationally recognized company with locations throughout the United States and Canada, but each store is a locally owned and operated franchise. Hiring a locally owned business such as College Pro Madison for your painting needs keeps money flowing through local Madison businesses rather than flowing out of the community into areas where it will never be seen again. Our house painters use the money they earn to pay for tuition, room and board, and other college related expenses within the Madison area. This creates a better business environment for Madison, and opens up a world of entrepreneurial opportunities for our residents.

Hard Work Pays Off

Our Madison house painters go through a rigorous hiring process before even beginning their training, and by the time we let them touch a paintbrush to a house they've learned some of the most advanced techniques in the painting world. Hiring house painters isn't just about saving money or helping students pay their way through college — it's about working with hardworking, eager professionals who can't wait to exceed your expectations.

Call College Pro Madison For All Of Your Painting Needs

It's nice to know that there's a locally owned franchise that always has your back. For any and all painting needs, give us a call to set up a free estimate. Our Madison house painters are standing by to give your home a clean new look!

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