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House painting is hard work. On top of priming and painting and protecting all the furniture, most homeowners don’t have time or patience for all the sanding, scraping, caulking, and cleaning that the process involves. So hang up your overalls, put away that ladder, and put the job in the hands of an affordable company that gives you the best service around. Let College Pro Lynnwood take on your next house painting project.

Lynnwood Living Just Got Even Better

Why choose College Pro Lynnwood? We are the only house painting company around that stimulates the Lynnwood economy while also advancing opportunities for hard-working local students at the same time. Students spend the majority of money earned locally, stimulating other businesses in the community while helping to pay for college. We also take pride in helping hard-working students fulfill their potential by exposing them to a kind of business boot camp that prepares them for challenging enterprises by building confidence and expertise. On average, we develop over 100,000 entrepreneurs every year by teaching qualified students the autonomy, leadership, problem solving, and technical skills to embark on successful post-college careers.

We have a proven track record serving communities across the United States and Canada for over forty years, proving that we are one of North America’s greatest small business success stories. Our team members can handle any job big or small, and our high standards mean clear communication, expert application, and attention to detail. College Pro takes pride in helping customers achieve the full potential of their homes by making dwellings brighter, more beautiful, and better protected against the elements––especially in wet climates like we have in our Evergreen State.

Spend your days doing the things you love and let our skilled and resourceful student painters enhance the look and value of your home sweet home. Call College Pro Lynnwood today for your free house painting estimate.

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It was easy, everthing was clean and professionally done. Crew was adaptible.

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Overall, a prompt and efficient service.


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