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Does your home need an invigorating burst of energy with brighter hues? Let your Longmont pride show through by keeping your home as beautiful as it can be. Whether you are updating the exterior of your home in bold and splashy colors or carving out a warm and cozy space indoors, we’re here to help. For the best Longmont house painting, call the hardworking students at College Pro Longmont.

For An Even More Beautiful Longmont

College Pro is more than just a house painting company. Hiring us means investing in our community and in the futures of local students. After a highly competitive selection process, only the most driven and promising college students are chosen to come onboard and learn what it means to become part of the College Pro family. Though the curriculum is rigorous, it works around students’ class schedules. All money earned helps to pay for the ever-rising costs of education. Whether students are looking to pay for textbooks, rent, or meals, College Pro helps to make things a little bit easier. The best part is that roughly 90% of all earnings are directly reinvested in our local community! That’s why you can feel great about the choice to contract our services.

Our students are trained in the latest painting techniques and are meticulous about meeting all safety and waste disposal regulations. Not only does house painting help your humble home to look great, but a thorough and professional house painting job also helps weatherproof your home by protecting wood from moisture. Our rates are also modest, giving you a sound return on your investment. That’s why we boast over four decades of small business success across North America.

So what are you waiting for? Take a Longs Peak hike or take a brewery tour while we take the hard work off of your hands. Call College Pro today for your free Longmont house painting estimate.

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