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Need to get your house painted by don't know where to start? It's simple: call College Pro! With decades of service under our belt, our student painters are highly capable of performing any house painting project with speed and ease. While our rates may be lower than the competition, the quality of our work certainly isn't. Choosing College Pro even helps sponsor higher education in the London community — and with tuition rising, our students depend on jobs with College Pro to earn their degrees. Give us a call today for all of your house painting needs!

Education Is Our Future

Before we even talk about how much better your home will look with a fresh coat of paint, we need to touch on one of the biggest aspects of our company that sets us apart from the rest. College Pro was founded over 40 years ago with the goal of painting homes and creating jobs for college students that pay well and give them advanced business experience. We've been accomplishing that goal for the past four decades, and we've made it easier for students to achieve a college degree in every city that we operate in. Beyond the income our students earn from house painting, they get to partake in many of the operational aspects of our company, including marketing, business development, and customer service. We call this hands-on experience our ""Real World MBA"", and it's this kind of experience that helps shape the next generation of London business leaders.

House Painting For All Seasons

Here in Ontario, we experience radically different weather from season to season. The freezing temperatures and snow can crack paint and cause rust, while the muggy summers and thawing ice can cause further rusting and oxidation. When we take on a house painting project, we make sure to use the most innovative painting techniques and highest quality supplies to ensure that your house gets painted in a way that will make it more resistant to the elements.

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The cleaners, were very thorough. Moving drapery, blinds and furniture as needed and returning everything to it's rightful place. They were all extremely polite and efficient. I would definitely recommend Nick and his team any day.


London, ON
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Christine and her helper were very good and SO WAS Cylia of last ( about a week ago) . Both girls were cooperative and adapt at their jobs . I appreciated all their efforts for the two different occasions . Thanks very much , I will need your services again come spring ( maybe May ) .


London, ON
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