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Not many realize that the paint on their homes is not just for beauty – it also protects the physical structure of the house and prolongs the life of many of the materials that we keep in our homes. Winter can be particularly harsh on paint and our winters in Lincolnshire are no exception. If this past winter has left the paint on your home looking a little shabby, it could mean the structure is a bit exposed to weathering as well. No need to worry – College Pro Lincolnshire house painters can help and they are only a phone call and a free estimate away.

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Our company, founded 40 years ago, provides more than just house painting services. We’re also mentors to Lincolnshire’s next generation of entrepreneurs. Our house painters are top-performing students from within our community and all of them wish to start their own small businesses here in Lincolnshire someday. They paint your house and protect your important investment by day while also being taught the fundamentals of operating a business. We guarantee each of our painters will gain an education in managing a team. They also have an opportunity to earn money that goes towards paying tuition. When you go with College Pro, our Lincolnshire house painting team will also provide you with a free home inspection to determine whether any damage has occurred since the last time your home was painted. We care about our customers and our painters so much that we reinvest 90% of the earned money into local business. That’s why your neighbors love us.

Call today to get started. You’ll have the shiniest house on the street in no time, courtesy of Lincolnshire College Pro house painters. See the difference that it makes when you choose a local company that is breeding the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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You may want to think about your pricing, I've heard several of my neighbours have paid recently for window cleaning services, less than $200. Although a great job was done today. Thank you.


Calgary, AB
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Nice personable group. Happy to see students take initiative.


Whitby, ON
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