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Libertyville residents know that our village is the best around. That’s why we take pride in helping our community to keep it beautiful. Keeping your home looking its best is part of this communal pride. When the time comes to take on a new house painting project, however, even the most proactive residents have trouble finding the time and energy for such home improvement tasks. That’s why you should leave the hard work to the pros at College Pro Libertyville!

Making the Best Even Better

When you hire our ambitious student painters, you trigger a positive chain of events that ripples through the entire community. While College Pro has been serving cities in the United States and Canada for over four decades, each location is an independent small business. Roughly 90% of the funds our student painters earn are directly reinvested back into the community. We stimulate our local economy while making it more beautiful in the process! No other house painting company sustains vibrancy and prosperity while supporting students like College Pro Libertyville.

At College Pro Libertyville, we carefully select only the most driven students to join our team. Then, we rigorously train them in every aspect of running a successful enterprise. Students gain extensive insight and experience in financial management, marketing, team building, sales, and more. These skills are reinforced on the job and make our student painters able to shine as tomorrow’s future business leaders. Our fully insured student house painters diligently follow all national and local safety and waste disposal regulations, and we are proud members of the Better Business Bureau. We always follow up on work with an inspection, and we don’t collect final payment on any project until we know that you are satisfied.

Who would rather do time-consuming house painting chores than enjoy life in our beautiful village? Call College Pro Libertyville today for your free house painting estimate!

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