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College Pro has been serving communities like Lexington for over forty years. Though College Pro may have expanded all across the United States and Canada, each and every location is independently operated. No other painting company can offer a national reputation for quality while providing the attention and service of a small business. College Pro Lexington employs only the hardest working and brightest college students from the Lexington area to work on your home. College Pro Lexington can handle any house painting project—from a fresh coat of paint in the kitchen to a completely updated exterior.

What Happens When You Paint Your Home

If the paint on your house is fading, peeling, or chipping, it’s time to call College Pro. With just one phone call you can start improving the look of your home and increasing it’s value. College Pro sets you up with local college painters that provide a quality service at an affordable price. We train our student painters how to perform a quality paint job that goes above and beyond the industry standard. We also train our painters on business fundamentals and the entrepreneurial skills necessary to run their own small businesses. Lexington college painters like working with us because they gain valuable real-world business experience that can use. They like that our training program is on the weekends during the academic semesters and that they are able to work full-time in the summer months while they don’t have classes.

By working with College Pro Lexington you not only get a high quality paint job, you also help your community. By working for College Pro, student painters receive money to finance their educations and experience to help them start their very own entrepreneurial endeavors. Let Lexington College Pro handle all your house painting needs! Call us today for your free estimate! We look forward to hearing from you!

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