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People in Kentucky take pride in their homes. So many of them have been passed on from one generation to the next and as time goes by the effects of weather and years show on an old home. This year you should call Lexington College Pro so that you can start taking better care of a part of your family history and future. Lexington College Pro has been providing Lexington, Kentucky with a quality service at a fantastic price, all while helping local entrepreneurs and students acquire real-life business experience. Lexington College Pro knows customer service and after four decades of business, we have many of the same customers coming back to us time and time again for all of their home painting needs. At Lexington College Pro we like to think we are improving the community one house at a time. We respect our customers, franchise owners, and employees here at Lexington College Pro. We look forward to the opportunity to continue to benefit our community.

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At Lexington College Pro we use only the best supplies and quality paint so that your custom job can fit your custom budget. We are locally and nationally backed and believe that the future of our community means benefitting locally. If we invest in the homes of Lexington and the students and entrepreneurs of Lexington, we believe that our customers will be more likely to use our services because they will be investing in the Lexington community. Many of our house painters will be from your very own neck of the woods! You can feel good knowing that you are helping your local economy and the future education of a young local entrepreneur.

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