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College Pro Lethbridge wants to help communities engage their young entrepreneurs to become successful contributors to the local economy. For over 40 years College Pro Lethbridge has been engaging student painters to find work painting and washing windows for the homes in Lethbridge, Alberta. Homeowners in Lethbridge, Alberta understand that community is one of the most important things in the world next to the home and family. Call College Pro Lethbridge to set up a consultation to have your home painted or windows washed by local student painters from your community!

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For over forty years College Pro Lethbridge has been hiring students from the community to provide a quality paint job to homes in Lethbridge. Student painters are able to learn management and leadership skills by using real life business experience through College Pro Lethbridge. We pride ourselves in providing employment for ambitious students while improving the look and feel of Lethbridge, Alberta. College Pro Lethbridge provides quality home painting and window cleaning services in your community. We are a local company that has a national presence. If you hire our student painters to paint your home or wash your windows, you can rest easy knowing that you are receiving quality service. We are a professional company that guarantees our service and succeeds because of the hundreds of recommendations we have from people just like you all over Lethbridge, Alberta. We deliver what we promise and respect our customers and employees. Trust our word of mouth and support your community by calling College Pro Lethbridge today!

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