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A fresh coat of paint is one of the simplest ways to make your home feel renewed and refreshed. But in a place as gorgeous as Laramie, most people would rather be enjoying the great outdoors than staying cooped up indoors painting interior walls or climbing up and down ladders all day tackling the outside. Let College Pro Laramie save the day with professional house painting services that also help the greater community!

Making Laramie Living Even Better

Hiring College Pro Laramie is a decision that you can take pride in. After a rigorous selection process, we hire only the most promising and driven students from schools like The University of Wyoming to participate in our career development training program. Students learn vital business skills and are provided with hands-on experience that teaches them more about enterprise than they could possibly learn in the classroom. Alumni refer to the opportunity as a “real world MBA”, and we couldn’t agree more. The money that students earn not only helps them to pay for textbooks and tuition, but also invigorates our local economy when they shop around locally, supporting other local businesses during evenings out or events like Small Business Saturdays.

We use only premium quality products that look great and protect your home against extreme weather conditions from frigid and frosty Laramie winters that cause premature wear and can even leave homes exposed to moisture. Our student painters are expertly trained in all the latest techniques, so you only get the best of the best working on your home.

Maybe you’re feeling creative and want to paint that bedroom room ceiling sky blue to open up the space. Or maybe the entire exterior of your home needs a facelift with a fresh new color scheme. Whatever your house painting needs, we’re here to tackle the job.

Protect your home, help your community, and live a more colorful life with College Pro Laramie. Call us today to schedule a free house painting estimate!

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Attentive, responsible, careful.


Erin, ON
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You worked really hard. My house design presents challenges, that's for sure.. There was half the sliding door on the garden level missed, but it is one I can reach fairly easily.


Ottawa, ON
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