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Laramie is a quaint town between the Laramie Range and the Snowy Range. With a beautiful landscape and historic downtown, Laramie has lot to offer its residents. That’s why the people of Laramie take great pride in their community and support their local educational institutions. At Laramie College Pro, we work with proud Laramie homeowners and enthusiastic entrepreneurs to provide a quality home painting service at an affordable price. When you hire Laramie College Pro to paint your home, you are supporting your community and improving the value of your entire neighborhood and home. We offer competitive pricing that will inspire you to keep Laramie quaint and beautiful.

Wear and Tear on Your Home

Laramie is beautiful, but its winters can be extremely harsh. The winds and snowstorms that sweep through this valley can do significant damage to the exterior shell of your home. Paint can fade, peel, chip, and flake over time. A homeowner should paint his or her home every eight to ten years to prevent expensive damage from happening. For over forty years, we have been working in communities like Laramie all over the United States and Canada. We have expanded across North America thanks to word of mouth and referrals, so we are dedicated to customer satisfaction. Over the years, we have developed an intensive training program for our house painters that enhance the education they receive in university classrooms. We, however, take it one step further. Working for Laramie College Pro gives house painters the real-world business experience they cannot gain in the confines of the classroom. We provide an intensive training that accommodates their scholastic schedules and provide them with full-time employment during the summer months. Our local entrepreneurs are working directly with homeowners in Laramie and communicating to their managers and clients on a day-to-day basis. Contact Laramie College Pro today and support your community!

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Good job, followed through.


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We had a good experience this year and the franchisee took time in advance to address our concerns from last year and to go over our expectations. The project went quite well.


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