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Situated along the Lewis and Clark Trail and the Columbia River, the residents of Kennewick understand that their hometown is a gem. With a colorful pioneer heritage and a stunning historical downtown, homeowners in Kennewick are excited about the rebirth of their city. Kennewick was recently reported to be the second best place for job growth in the entire United States! This means that a lot of people are moving to Kennewick and investing in their new community and homes. Kennewick College Pro not only provides a home painting service for all of these homeowners, it also employs many individuals that take classes in the area. We keep our costs down because we hire enthusiastic and talented individuals in Kennewick to run small teams of house painters. While they work, they are also being trained in leadership and business management skills.

Kennewick College Pro Entrepreneurs

Our Kennewick house painters are confident and competent. They are confident because they know they have the necessary training to provide a quality service that will have their clients recommending them to other homeowners in the neighborhood. They are competent because our training gives them all the necessary education on techniques, products, and tools when it comes to home painting. We hire only the best and brightest of Kennewick. They are excellent communicators that can lead a team that provides satisfaction to their customers before, during, and after the painting service. They are hardworking employees that perform in a timely and professional manner that will impress you and your neighbors. We make sure that all of our Kennewick house painters have an eye for detail and will attend to every small detail of the job. Feel confident in hiring Kennewick College Pro to paint your home. As Kennewick restores and revamps its historic downtown, you can feel great about doing the same for your home!

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Paid well attention to detail and exceeded expectations.


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Windows looked amazing. Especially where the BBQ was.


Aurora, ON
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