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Take a look at your lovely home in British Columbia, are you in need of a fresh paint job? Or perhaps a professional window cleaning? Chances are, you are! Now there’s a company that can help you with expert level services while also helping to strengthen relationships within your very own community. College Pro Kamloops is a company that hires local student painters and window washers to help you with your home maintenance project. Hand chosen for their desire to learn more about leadership roles and small business management, College Pro student painters and window washers are dedicated to educating themselves about customer service relations. Help them while helping yourself to a freshly painted home and sparking clean windows. It’s a win-win situation which you can truly feel good about.

Professional and Friendly Student Painters and Window Washers

College Pro Kamloops hires only the best and brightest student painters and window washers to ensure every client receives expert level customer service with a friendly attitude. Not to mention, College Pro prices are very competitive. With high levels of industry standards and the very best in customer service, you can’t go wrong with College Pro Kamloops. Your home painters and window washers get to practice their skills all while building lasting relationships with established community members, such as yourself. Your payment will go towards things like college tuition and school expenses, a true investment in your community. Next time you see your College Pro home maintenance team, they could very well be your neighborhood small business owners and entrepreneurs. Make a choice you can feel good about by choosing College Pro Kamloops to beautify your home. Payment is always deferred until your entire project is completed, and we know you will love the result. Call College Pro Kamloops today to discuss your next project!

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