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The Kalamazoo Promise is the pride of the city, paving the way for local students to continue succeeding long after they’ve graduated. The College Pro promise is similar: We provide hard-working college students with a chance to run a first-rate house painting business in the real world. Our rigorously selected student entrepreneurs are ready to show you what the next generation of Kalamazoo business leaders looks like. Invest in your home and the future of Kalamazoo with house painting from College Pro.

As the birthplace of Gibson guitars, Kalamazoo is no stranger to shaking things up. Can you say the same about you and your home? Think back to the last time you stared at your house and swelled with pride. If you’re still trying to remember, it’s time to shake things up. College Pro Kalamazoo is here to rock your world with our innovative business model, our attention to detail, and our excellent customer service.

Working at College Pro is so much more than another summer job. Our students run the show, from accounting to management to marketing, and they’re trained to deliver the best results imaginable. Not only do you get an excellent, affordable upgrade to your home, but you also contribute to the cultivation of the future of Kalamazoo commerce. Our students study, live, and work right here in Kalamazoo. They take as much pride in their work and in their city as you do. When employees take ownership of their work, they work harder, smarter and more efficiently.

We teach our student entrepreneurs and painters to do the job right the first time, and we don’t collect payment until you’re 100% pleased with your newly revitalized home. You’ll be amazed at the difference a fresh coat of paint makes. It’s time to shake things up, Kalamazoo! Contact College Pro for a free house painting estimate today.

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Nice to help students.


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Friendly, punctual and thorough service. They were also open to placing decals on our windows to avoid bird fatalities.


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