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No matter the size of the job, house painting is difficult, time-consuming work. From gathering the necessary supplies, to prepping the wall for painting, to putting down protective plastic on the carpet—there's so much work to be done before a paint brush is even lifted. Rather than subject yourself to the strenuous and difficult task of painting your home, leave it to the experts at College Pro Issaquah. With decades of experience painting in communities like Issaquah, you can trust our student painters to get the job done right. Read on to learn more about our innovative business model and how hiring College Pro Issaquah saves you time and money!

Our Issaquah House Painting Teams

We hire eager college students from nearby Washington universities to both paint homes and lead our painting teams. While hiring students allows us to offer our customers some of the lowest prices in the industry, it doesn't mean you get anything less than an all-star paint job. We'll get your house painting project done quickly, thoroughly, and leave no trace that we were ever there.

If You Can Dream It, We Can Paint It

Close your eyes and visualize your home. As you think about the exterior and each room inside, let your imagination go wild and dream up new colors on the walls. Whatever your dream is, our teams of experienced painters can help you bring it to life and bathe your walls in exciting new colors. We take great joy in helping Issaquah homeowners achieve the beautiful and inviting homes they've always dreamt of, and we'd love for your home to be next.

You deserve a home that looks its absolute best. That couldn’t be easier with College Pro. Give College Pro Issaquah a call today to schedule a free house painting estimate with our painters!

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