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Issaquah is the second fastest growing suburb in the state of Washington. With so many things to do on Lake Sammamish, the Mountains to Sound Greenway and Cougar Mountain, it’s no wonder that folks are flocking to this magnificent city. At Issaquah College Pro we know that with an increase in homeowners, more people are looking to fix up their homes. Whether it’s a brand new house or the restoration of an old one, there’s work to be done. That’s why we provide a quality home painting service at an affordable price. We train motivated entrepreneurs from the Issaquah area to run small teams of House Painters to give your home a makeover! You won’t believe the difference a fresh coat of paint will make on the appearance of your home. Every time you pull into your driveway after a hard day of work, you will feel good about the way your house just lights up your street. Your neighbors will appreciate it too!

Not Just a Coat of Paint!

We use the same painting process that our professional competitors use. We train our Issaquah House Painters to pressure wash, caulk, and prep your home’s exterior surface before we get to the painting. Our house painters are informed about the techniques and supplies and how to select quality products that will please their customers. We also have an intensive training program that will teach our Issaquah house painters how to run their very own painting teams while providing quality customer service that you can depend on. It is the responsibility of our Issaquah House Painters to market their services to their community and to build their very own clientele. That’s why they take great pride in providing a quality service that will have you recommending Issaquah College Pro to all of your neighbors and friends. Give us a call today for your free estimate!

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