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With over four decades of house painting experience, College Pro is the name you can trust when it comes to painting your Iowa City home. We hire hardworking student painters from nearby colleges like University of Iowa, pairing them with homeowners who are looking for great work at affordable prices. The result is a relationship that benefits both parties. You get an amazing paint job for your house at a low price, and our student painters earn money to pay their way through college. That's the College Pro difference!

House Painting the Way It Should Be

There's a lot that goes into house painting that doesn't even involve a brush. Before we even pick up our paintbrushes, we plan out the best strategy, prepare the walls, and strip any old, unwanted paint. After the painting is finally done, the most tedious part comes—clean up. Many people don't think about all of the steps of house painting when they set out to do it themselves, and end up with less-than-satisfactory results and a lot of wasted time.

When you leave the house painting to the professionals at College Pro Iowa City, you're avoiding hours of hassle and guaranteeing that you'll love the way your home looks. Our student painters work in highly organized teams, getting the job done much faster than you could by yourself. And we never consider the job finished until you're completely satisfied with the result.

Besides saving yourself the time and frustration of trying to paint your home, hiring College Pro's painters ensures that your home will look amazing. You’re going to love the way your how looks. With decades of experience painting homes in communities like Iowa City, you can rest assured that you're leaving your home in good and capable hands.

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