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Have you taken the time to look at your walls? Do you occasionally like to walk around your house and see how your exterior paint job is looking? Chances are, you’ve let your painting priorities fall by the wayside and you’re starting to get the home improvement itch. Now would be the time to call Iowa City College Pro so that we can set you up with reliable and enthusiastic student and local entrepreneur house painters that can tackle any painting problem. Not only can you be confident in their painting skills but you can also be rest assured that we have trained them in superior customer service and efficient business management skills. We provide leadership training to all of our Iowa City house painters. Real-life business experience is extremely valued by young professionals that are itching for a chance to start applying their newly acquired business skills. Help your community’s youth and call Iowa City College Pro to paint your home.

Forty Years of Experience

Iowa City College Pro has been working in the community for over four decades. We are local with national backing. We invest in the future of our Iowa City community and believe that the benefits trickle down to the local economy. In addition we offer a great service at an affordable price. As homeowners, we have a responsibility to keep our piece of property maintained and looking nice, but it can be hard when bills are late and the kids are getting ready to go to college. Don’t keep putting off painting the house. Hire Iowa City house painters to come to your home and provide you with a service you’ve been desiring for years. Our professional outlook and quality materials will impress you so much that we are confident you will recommend Iowa City College Pro to all of your neighbors!

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