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Indianapolis is the crossroads of America, which means that a lot of traffic and people go through it everyday! Make sure that your home is looking spiffy and call Indianapolis College Pro to hire bright entrepreneuers to paint the exterior of your home so that you can stun all the folks that drive down your street daily! You will be the best looking house on the block and you can feel good about spending the money to do it. Not only will you be receiving a quality service at a great price, but you can also feel good about providing opportunities to entrepreneurs from your very own neighborhood! Indianapolis College Pro has been working in your city for over forty years, often employing students during their summers and weekends. These entrepreneurs, students or otherwise, are gaining the necessary business skills they need in order to be successful. Your support helps them achieve their dreams all while making your house look better! You just can’t lose!

Quality You Can Depend On

We deliver exactly what we promise and provide award winning customer service if it is ever required. We are confident in our services because we depend on the recommendations of our neighbors to let other people in the community know about us and the quality of skills that Indianapolis College Pro provides. Our Indianapolis house painters are an enthusiastic bunch that loves to please their customers. They are extremely open-minded about the possibilities Indianapolis College Pro can provide for them with this real-world business experience. Call Indianapolis College Pro today!

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Very professional and timely


Scarborough, ON
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did a decent job but missed a couple of windows and left a couple of windows unlocked, which is a security concern.


Unionville, ON
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