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Hartford College Pro is a local business that has been providing painting services to the Hartford community for over forty years. We deliver what we promise which is a quality service at affordable prices with a guarantee that you will be helping your community directly by hiring house painters from the city of Hartford. Painting your home can be a real hassle; whether you’re painting the baby’s nursery, the garage floor, or the entire outside. At Hartford College Pro we will take care of all of the aches and pains that go along with painting. As a homeowner you can rest assured that our forty years of experience has led to a quality training program for our painters that give them the skills necessary to improve the look of your home and run a small business. Hartford College Pro provides its employees with leadership training and management skills that will help them succeed insides and outside of the classroom.

Hartford Has a Community That Cares!

Hartford has taken great pride in revitalizing its riverfront and historical attractions. Now you can continue this beautification and paint the outside and inside of your home. Perhaps you’ve moved into a new place and the walls just aren’t your style. Maybe you are tired of the outdated color of your house and want to maintain historical accuracy and return it to its original color. No matter the custom color, Hartford College Pro can help set you up with house painters from your neighborhood that can help restore your home and increase the value! With over forty years of experience, Hartford College Pro is local and backed up nationally. We take great pride in our services, our employees, and our commitment to the Hartford community. Homeowners can feel good knowing they’ve make an important investment in their community.

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