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Green Bay is a proud community, and it’s just when it’s football season. “Titletown, USA” has earned the reputation of being a supportive community that makes a big impact in spite of its small population. The folks of Green Bay know that their solidarity and community team spirit is worth all the nasty winters that come every year! As a homeowner, you know the severe and extreme variation between each season can take a toll on your home and wallet. The long cold winters and hot humid summers can cause the paint on your home to fade, crack, and peel. Isn’t it time to address these issues and improve the look of your neighborhood? Then it’s time to hire Green Bay College Pro for your home painting needs. You can save money and feel good by supporting Green Bay House Painters. They’ll take on your painting projects so you can relax or focus on other home improvements.

Green Bay College Pro Training Program

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is an important part of your town’s culture. Thousands of students & entrepreneurs live in your area and help support the local economy. With the increasing cost of education and living expenses, many of these bright students have a hard time finding employment in Green Bay that will accommodate their busy class schedules and extracurricular activities. At Green Bay College Pro we provide our House Painters with a chance to work full-time during the summer months and make a significant amount of money. We hire students & entrepreneurs that want to take on the responsibility of financing their own educations while gaining real-world business experience. Many of our young House Painters are hoping to become business entrepreneurs after graduation and we give them the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to compete in the business world. Support your Green Bay entrepreneurs and hire them for your home painting needs. Our prices can’t be beat, and you can rest assured knowing that you are getting a quality service!

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