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We know how difficult it can be to find the right house painting company for your needs, but you can't go wrong with College Pro! For over 40 years, we've painted houses all across the United States and Canada, leaving behind a trail of satisfied customers everywhere we've gone. If you're ready to get your house improved by experienced painters at a fraction of the cost of big name house painting companies, read on!

The Styles You Crave

House painting should bring out the best in your home — not mask blemishes. Whether you're planning on changing up the colors in your bedroom or giving your entire house a makeover, our Greeley house painting experts can help you choose a color scheme that will give your home the style you've always wanted. From subtle and classy to bold and funky, we love working with homeowners to bring out the best in their homes! Talk to our Greeley house painting experts today to discuss how we can help you reimagine your house and bring it into the 21st century.

College Pro is creating a stronger Greeley. Coloradans stick together and so does the College Pro family. As a locally owned and operated franchise, all of us at College Pro Greeley are proud that our house painting talent benefits the community — and we're not just talking about creating more beautiful homes! We provide flexible and fair-paying jobs for local college students, allowing them to paint homes as well as gain experience in the business operations of our organization. Giving our student painters this kind of hands-on experience within our company allows them to develop an entrepreneurial spirit as well as business skills that will help them in any career path they choose after college. Let's start painting your home today! Give us a call to schedule a free estimate with our Greeley house painting experts!

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