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The cost of a college education in America is rapidly increasing and more students are taking out loans to fund their education and living expenses. Meanwhile, local entrepreneurs are looking for opportunities to gain real world business opportunities and experience. At Grand Rapids College Pro we provide college students and entrepreneurs employment opportunities to self-finance their education while also offering management and leadership training for real world business experiences. Grand Rapids College Pro house painters can gain important networking connections and even professional recommendations. We provide an affordable quality service. Save money and call Grand Rapids College Pro for a free estimate today!

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Grand Rapids College Pro has been working with homeowners and local painters in the community for over forty years. We believe that our company benefits the local economy while providing valuable experiences to our student and entrepreneur painters. We take great pride in what we do for homes in Grand Rapids as well as in the future of the community. We believe in delivering what we promise, which is a strong commitment to the satisfaction of our customers and, ultimately, our neighbors. Our house painters go on to becoming successful contributors to the Michigan economy, and the sense of community they build during their employment will encourage them to use their skills right here at home.

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Jared was great with follow up to get the guotr and the job and accommodating when the schedule had to change. Thanks


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Very friendly and efficient crew. Good value


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