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For a town with as rich a history as Fort Collins, there sure is quite a buzz going around the city. From the latest brewery opening up to the happenings at Colorado State University, there's always something new going on here. When you live in a city as exciting as Fort Collins, keeping on the cutting edge of style is important. College Pro offers superior painting services at competitive prices, making it easier than ever to update your home with a fresh coat of paint. Whether you want to brighten up your home with the same colors or go in a bold new direction, College Pro's professional house painters can get the job done!

Make Your Home Exciting

Even if you think of your home as rather drab or old fashioned, it can be livened up with exciting new colors. Painting your house is an exciting time to sit down and revision what you could do differently to create a different home atmosphere. If you love the way things already are, our house painters can match colors perfectly and reinforce your home with fresh paint, but many of our customers enjoy the opportunity to get creative and think outside of the box. Fort Collins is a city that really rewards people for thinking outside of the box (we're mostly thinking about breweries here), and you should feel free to do the same inside your home!

Our Ulterior Motive

Besides making it easier and more affordable to get your house painted, College Pro exists to help students pay for college while developing skills that will prove beneficial later in life. Our program is also developed to help local entrepreneurs learn how to run a successful business. We organize house painters into groups, and together they engage in virtually every aspect of our business process. By going beyond learning how to paint to learn how to run a painting business, our house painters gain the kind of firsthand experience that is often lacking from most university degrees.

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