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Federal Way has been taking important steps over the past few years to improve and develop their many lakefront parks and neighborhoods. With a magnificent location on the Puget Sound of King County, the people of Federal Way know that their city is unique and growing. As a homeowner of Federal Way, you understand that what you put in is what you get out. You can improve the look and feel of your neighborhood by hiring Federal Way College Pro for your outdoor painting needs. We employ House Painters from your city to come to your home and provide a painting service at a fraction of the cost that other professional painting companies charge.

Feel Great About Hiring Local Entrepreneurs!

In addition to saving money by hiring Federal Way house painters, you can feel good about increasing the value of your home and supporting entrepreneurs from your very own neighborhood. We employ young go-getters that have a desire to finance their education and living expenses; however, we give them more than just a paycheck. We provide them with the necessary training to provide a quality painting service, as well as teach them the basics of business management and running a team. Every year we improve our training program to meet the needs of our Federal Way house painters and our valued customers. Our training program is based on the curriculum that many leading business schools use. We like to think of our House Painters as getting a “Real-World MBA” because we give what many of these top business schools are unable to provide—real-world business experience. As our Federal Way House Painters enter the increasingly competitive business market, we want to make sure their resumes show more than just an academic education. We want to make sure that they have proven experience and results! Call us today for a free estimate!

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