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If you're in the market to get your house painted, it might be difficult to know which house painting company to work with. With a focus on education and community development, College Pro Evansville is the only company that hires independent teams of student painters. These local Evansville students are well trained and highly motivated to rejuvenate your home with a high quality paint job. Hiring College Pro Evansville for your next house painting project is one of the smartest choices you can make!

All of the Fun, None of the Hassle

With prestigious universities such as the University of Evansville and the University of Southern Indiana located here, we have no trouble finding students who want to offset rising tuition costs by painting houses. While it would be tempting to hire as many as possible and expand our business, at College Pro Evansville we are committed to providing only the most outstanding house painting services. To do that, we hire only the most hardworking and talented painters.

When it comes to house painting, choosing the colors that will give your home meaning is such a fun opportunity. Whether you want to stick to the same colors or push your home in a bold new direction, our painters can work around your vision to create a truly personalized home. Once you decide on the house painting direction, you get to sit back while our teams of painters do the dirty work. With College Pro Evansville handling your house painting needs, you get to have all the fun of dreaming how you want your house to look without having to do any of the painting.

Working with College Pro Evansville does more than just save you money and help local students afford a college education. It also ensures that you're getting local painters who understand the intricacies of painting Evansville homes. Whether your home emanates the distinct characters of neighborhoods like Bayard Park or Riverside, you can trust us with your house painting project.

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